Leader Electric p.d.f. (perfect distribution of fluid)

Leader Electric p.d.f. (perfect distribution of fluid) - O.R.M.A. S.R.L.   irrigation


Leader Electric p.d.f. (perfect distribution of fluid) grant uniform supply of water or other fluids during the irrigation cycle. It works with low water flow rates and/or low water pressure. Its motion is independent from the water flow and pressure. The electric consumption is smaller than the traditional turbine drive machines supply.

Leader 40 Electric PDF (perfect distribution of fluid) with 120 meters of pipe diam. 40 mm. + irrigation boom (with normal or low-flow nozzles), has been awarded as signaling between the technical innovations of EIMA International 2016.

The PDF version is the evolution of a production of electric irrigation machines began about 10 years ago by O.R.M.A. S.R.L. Imola (Bo). Advantages: irrigation uniformity during the entire irrigation cycle; energy savings for the operation and minor inputs of pollutants into the atmosphere; maximum optimization of water resources even with limited amounts of water; high speeds of irrigation, it can reach up to 400 m / h; maximum irrigation efficiency, irrigation cycles also very fast and repeatable to maintain the ideal humidity level of the soil, avoiding water stress, for better yield and quality of products in each vegetative stage, in every climate; less washing away of the soil; less percolating. For info: info@ormasrl.it.



Welcome in O.R.M.A. S.R.L. irrigation...

Welcome in O.R.M.A. S.R.L. irrigation... - O.R.M.A. S.R.L.   irrigation

 O.R.M.A. S.R.L. irrigation is a hose reel irrigation machine manufacturer specialized in design and manufacture of: machines for garden irrigationsports fields irrigation machinery (football field irrigationsoccer field irrigation) , machines for agricultural irrigation and farm irrigation hose reel systems . Our irrigators are the result of in path of innovation and experience began in the mid '70. The ORMA irrigation machines are characterized by careful attention to details, robustness and ease of use. The hose reel irrigators  O.R.M.A. are the right answer for every need, gardening hobby or professional gardeningsports areasfootball fields or soccer fieldshorticultureagriculturefarms. 

How to irrigate?

How to irrigate? - O.R.M.A. S.R.L.   irrigation

How to irrigate the garden, how to irrigate a sports field, how to irrigate a riding, how to irrigate agricultural crops, how to irrigate vegetables, how to irrigate orchards ...
Ask it to us (www.ormasrl.it)!
We do this since 1974 ...

 GREENCARE range - machines for irrigation of gardens, sports fields, horticulture, with operation by turbine or electric:
PasseggiandoLeader 20Leader 25Leader 32Leader 40Leader 50Leader 63.
AGRICARE range - irrigation machines for agriculture:
ORMApiogg EventORMApiogg LegendORMApiogg Exclusive 4 wheelsORMApiogg Excellence
machines with hydraulic motion for the distribution of slurry: Rollovitessemotor pumps O.R.M.A., irrigation booms Three Minutes, irrigation booms    Four Minutes    and Effluent irrigation booms.
DRIP IRRIGATION range - winders of irrigation pipes: Mixer 002 and Mixer 003 with motion by pto, automatic self-cleaning filter with operation by turbine Ekofiltro

In addition to our traveling sprinklers, there are a complete range of irrigation booms for reel rain irrigation: Three Minutes irrigation boom , Four Minutes boom for corn crops irrigation, and Effluent  spray boom for slurry and wastewater.

For Greencare range: Calpeda electropumps, motor pumps with Lombardini engines and Rovatti pumps .

For the Agricare range : Rovatti electric pumps, Caprari electric pumpsSaer electric pumpMotorpumps with Iveco engine and Rovatti pumps . Motor pumps with Iveco motor and Caprari pumpsMotor pumps with Deutz engines and Caprari pumpsMotor pumps with Deutz motor and Rovatti pump.

Event, Excellence

Event, Excellence - O.R.M.A. S.R.L.   irrigation

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