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GREENCARE: Leader 63

GREENCARE: Leader 63 - O.R.M.A. S.R.L.   irrigation

m. 110 hose Ø 63 mm.  (2”361 ft )

Leader 63 irrigates by exploiting the water pressure to recover the sprinkler trolley. Elegant, safe and silent, it’s extremely versatile and can be used in several sectors, be they professional or not: gardening, tennis courts, football fields, rodeo fields, race-tracks, campsites, flower-growing, horticulture and agriculture. Ensures a uniform and controlled distribution of water. The innovative high performance turbine drive can be used with special waters and fertilizers.

 Standard equipment: automatic hose winding through an innovative turbine drive with low absorption - sprinkling density adjustable by by-pass - hose guide - sectorial sprinkler - stopping device at irrigation end - sprinkler trolley on wheels - automatic sprinkler trolley lifting

 Accessories on request: stopping device at irrigation end and water flow stop