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AGRICARE: Four Minutes irrigation boom

AGRICARE: Four Minutes irrigation boom - O.R.M.A. S.R.L.

"Four Minutes" is the best solution for the irrigation of high crops such as corn. The structure can reach a height of 2.70 m.

The vertical movement is driven hydraulically from the tractor or independently.  Fast preparation time, greatest safety and effort absence for the user of the 36 meters boom to irrigate a band  46/48 m long. The structure is realized in hot galvanized steel  and the water passage tubes in stainless steel to guarantee long duration with dirty water too.  The terminals nozzles “XL” (on request) increase the irrigation width  till max 54/56m. The particular distribution of water in the form of "V" attenuates the impact on crops and reduces the stagnation of water on the ground.

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